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MJ Fittings

U.S. Pipe / Metalfit’s ductile iron mechanical joint fittings are manufactured in accordance with and conform to the requirements of ANSI/AWWA/C153.

MJ Fittings for DI

Standard MJ fittings are cement-mortar lined and coated with an asphaltic material, inside and outside. For special conditions, Mechanical Joint Fittings with special coatings and/or linings can be supplied. See our catalog for more information. 

PVC C-900

Did you know that all Metalfit MJ Ductile Iron Fittings are compatible with PVC C-900 pipe? Plus, you get the strength and durability of Ductile Iron not found in standard PVC Fittings. See our MJ Fittings catalog for more information. 

Size Range
Size Range: 2” to 48” depending on configuration. See our catalog below for more information.
Production Times
Production Times: Varies by size & date. Sign up for our weekly delivery times newsletter!
Production Process
Production Process: We use induction furnaces, utilize (4) pouring lines and have a full machine shop. Learn more
Linings & Coatings
Linings & Coatings: From Zinc to P401, click here for our full line of finishings. Learn more
Capabilities: From creating custom patterns to handling projects, we can do it all. Learn more
PVC900 Compatible: Our MJ Fittings can also be used with PVC900. Learn more